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The compost residues can fertilize and improve soil health.
We choose a new material also a new lifestyle.

Why we choose bagasse?

Why bagasse ? What bagasse ?
Bagasse is the material after sugarcane has been processed,
We choose the sustainable bagasse as the raw material for 
disposble tableware,because no trees need to been cut down
and the bagasse waste was given a new lease of life.

The bagasse products can be completely decomposed into 
non-toxic components that will not harm the environment,
because it is already organic.

We still have more available types. Just contact us for a completely detailed catalog




Business scope has spread 33 countries all over the world, Focus on environmental food packaging business.
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Sturdy for food packaging

Grease and water proofing

Plant-Fiber based



Rely on rich production and sales experience,our factory can provide about 500 tons of disposable sugarcane commodities in one month.
We have a professional service team to ensure that your requirements can be accurately confirmed.
We accept OEM/ODM orders such as the labels inner bags and logo printed on the cartons,also accept the customized moulding products.
  High Quality                   Professional Factory                Perfect Service                       Customization